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Sickened No More: Documenting the Life and Death of Weekend Nachos DVD

$10.00 / Sold Out

There will not be any more of these made. Find the full documentary on YouTube.

“In 2004 a group of friends took the stage at a small coffee house in Dekalb Illinois with the sole purpose of pissing off everyone. Surprisingly, enough people liked what the band was doing that they continued to play music under the name Weekend Nachos. That decision lead to a 12 year run, that brought the band to many different parts of the globe, and affected thousands of people.

This documentary simply tells the story of Weekend Nachos. Featuring interviews with the band as well as ex members, and longtime friends, the film aims to highlight the surprising nature of the band's long run, as well as the rampant humor and self-awareness within the group. Weekend Nachos was considered one of the biggest bands in the Chicago extreme music scene, and this documentary simply aims to pay homage to that."